Customer Analytics – Student Yield

In the admissions process, yield refers to the percentage of students who accept a university’s offers of admission. Universities want to matriculate as many students as possible from their pool of accepted students.

Scenario: The university is interested in knowing the probability a student is likely to accept the offer, as well as factors that drive student retention.

Data: We use student performance, biographic, and engagement data. Data is kept on our staging Oracle Database, as well as in our analytic development environment. Data is versioned.

Modeling: We use a number of algorithms and pipelines, including XgBoost, Gradient Boosting, Voting Classifier, SGD, etc. and  search for the best performing pipeline. Models are versioned.

Deployment: The model is exported to be used in WebFocus. Reports and Charts and Dashboards are created in WebFocus. The model can be used via Web Service (if requested).